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Structural-Craniosacral Integration

Embedded at the heart of the original Rolfing 10 - series recipe, Ida Rolf positioned the craniosacral anatomy at the centerpiece. Sequenced into the 7th hour, the last of the ‘deep’ sessions, the face and cranium would be addressed now that all the set-up work from the neck down had been completed. Structural Craniosacral is a fascial anatomy approach to Craniosacral Therapy rooted in physical mobility. Through precise manipulations of the fascia associated with the cranial, facial, and sacral bones the craniosacral system will achieve a higher order of physical equipoise.

Seeing midline as an organizing principle unto itself, students will learn visual & palpatory assessment skills to evaluate for mobility, symmetry, and tone. Designed to compliment your current skills, decompression, and mobilization techniques will be demonstrated, explained, and practiced in practical labs.

This class also serves as a bridge between anatomy and energy by embracing their interrelationship as a natural symbiotic state.

In the quest to meet the body on its own terms mobility enhances motility as Qi cannot optimally flow where fascia is fixated.

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