Rolfing, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Structural Integration

Visceral Manipulation for Acupuncturists
skills in Fascial Integration with Bruce Schonfeld


Instructor: Bruce Schonfeld, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Emperor's College, Santa Monica, California

Visceral Manipulation is organ specific fascial mobilization. Reestablishing normal range of motion to motion restricted tissues (organs, membranes and their associated connective tissues) is the focus of this class. As Qi cannot optimally flow where fascia is physically fixated, these practical hands-on assessment skills & mobilization techniques will compliment and empower the L.Ac's practice with clinically effective manipulation skills.

Bruce Schonfeld, Certified Advanced Rolfer, teaches and practices Body Analysis, Structural Integration & Fascial Integration in Los Angeles CA. He's studied Visceral Manipulation since 1997 and directly with Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. since 2001. Fascia is the common denominator of his "systems anatomy" approach.

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