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“Given the choice the body will choose ease over dis-ease” – Ida Rolf

Advanced Rolfing both compliments and departs from basic Rolfing with additional training designed to refine the practitioner’s body, mind, craft, and clinical effectiveness. Advanced Rolfing further deepens into under­lying philosophy, palpation, ener­gy, intention, bio­mechanics, and tech­nique.

If the methodology in the Basic Rolfing style is outside-in, in terms of reorganizing the body's fascia, then the methodology of the Advanced Rolfing style (as per Jan Sultan & Michael Salveson) is inside-out. They compliment each other and are two sides of the same coin.

The body's individual structural needs dictate where and how the Advanced Rolfing work begins. The intention is to start at the center(s) of the body's restrictions and holding patterns and then work out from there. After mobilizing each client's most primary restriction(s) they are then contextualized within their whole body. The core concerns of flexibility, alignment, and body awareness are the same. The approach is customized to the individual's body instead of being formula or recipe based. Advanced Rolfing also addresses what is often asymmetrical in the clients body. Often similar results to the Basic approach are achieved in less time and sessions using this methodology.

A dedicated practitioner, Bruce completed Advanced Rolfing Trainings in Laguna Beach, 1997, with Jan Sultan, and again in Berkeley, 1998, with Michael Salveson. He assisted an Advanced Training in Santa Monica in 2001 with Jan Sultan and Michael Salveson. In 2012, Bruce audited the Advanced Training in Santa Monica.


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